BMC Mini Auto CPAP System M1 Mini

The BMC M1 Mini is an Automatic Pressure Adjusting Travel CPAP device designed for the treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS). It is so small and light that can be taken almost anywhere!

Colorful light strip ring
Experience real-time feedback through flashes of color from the device.

Anti-slip design
The four rubber anti-slip feet on the base of the device effectively reduce movement during therapy.

Device size
Dimension: 159 mm x 66 mm x 72 mm (6.26 in x 2.60 in x 2.83 in)
Weight: < 400 g

The M1 Mini device is operated exclusively with the App, allowing for a minimalistic and sleek design with all the power in your hands! Pair M1 Mini with your smart device by Bluetooth. Using the App, you can:

  • Start and stop your M1 Mini device;
  • Set up your M1 Mini device and patient profile;
  • Check your therapy and generate reports;
  • Upgrade the firmware.


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